Time To Relax

What can be better than to take some hours for yourself, to relax, to enjoy, to feel  better? In this post i will show you some ideas about how to get a few moments of indulgence in a home-spa

.Be calm, take the negative thoughts and all the problems aside, and center on yourself

 Create a good atmosphere put a pleasant music,eat some sweets ,and light up some scented candles- My favorite one is The Cherry Canldle from LO’CCITANE


Of course, take a good bath, you can use a soap or a body peeling- My favorite one is  Coconut Verbena peeling from Laline

coconut_vebena_scrub1__47051.1421971202.1280.1280 If you don’t want to buy a peeling ,you can make home-made peeling by yourself! and i will show you how to do this

Body Peeling


?What We Need

 Two cups of sugar- if you have very sensitive skin, preferably brown sugar*
One cup of olive oil or coconut oil*
Vanilla Sugar*
A spoon*

What To Do ?

.Put all the products in the bowl and mix them
Go to the bath,without washing the body, take the peeling and massage the body using a swab
Concentrate your attention particularly in the dry skin ,For example: knees, feet and elbows
.  After you finishing massage all parts of the body, wash the peeling from your body

  After we take a shower ,we can pass to face care. We can put a face mask that do our skin feels and looks better and to pamper ourselves in a perfect way! my favorite face mask is Hydra Intense from LANCOME


And if you don’t want to buy a mask you can do it by yourself, it’s very easy and simple

I will show you two types of masks – for oily skin and for dry skin

Oily Skin Mask


What We Need?

One peeled apple*
One spoon of honey*
One cucumber*
One spoon of white yogurt*

What To Do?

.Mix all the ingredients in a blender
.Apply the blend on your face
.Stay 20 minutes with a mask
.Then washed thoroughly with water


Dry Skin Mask

What We Need ?

Half of avocado*
One spoon of honey*
Olive oil- ¼ cup*
One spoon of yogurt*

What To Do ?

.Crushing the avocado until you get thick goo
.Add a spoon of honey
.Add some yogurt to soothe the skin
.If the skin needs extra moisture, add ¼ cup olive oil
.When all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, apply the mask on your face
.Put the mask for 10-15 minutes
.wash the mask with water

After that we can eat some sweets and rest when we read a magazines or watch TV or even just set outside and watch the clouds

That’s all for this post, hope you enjoy and will take a time for yourself -its important!

See you in the next post ! 🙂

Email: Rinatcha120@gmail.com
Instagram: @rinatcha_

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