SeboCalm Young

 SeboCalm Young serie designed for teenage girls, who her skin is prone to pimples and oiliness. All the products are hypoallergenic and for sensitive skin. I used the products for a month to form an exact opinion, So let’s start the review.

Cleansing Gel


Gel for thorough cleansing of the oily or mixed skin. Effectively removes residual dirt , excess oil,opens the pores and encourages the natural process of skin renewal. Its packaging convenient and easy to use. I felt that it cleared my face very well, it helped me to preventing the emergence of new pimples, and absolutely I felt a special change. But to remove makeup i didn’t like to use him, because it didn’t remove the makeup perfectly.



Soothes the skin, and keeps skin’s natural moisture.
Absorbed quickly and leaves the skin very smooth, A small amount is enough to do the job of this  moisturizer, you can feel the skin is more pleasant and soft.

Zit Out Musk


  This is a mask for fast treatment of pimples, and helps to prevent the emergence of new pimples.   Sometimes you get up in the morning and finds annoying pimple that will grow on your face and you have to get rid of it, So this mask is the perfect solution. You need to use the mask twice a week, rub in the problem area of the face, and it gives the skin clean and healthy.

You can buy this productes in the Pharm stores or dispensary.
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2 thoughts on “SeboCalm Young

  1. פוסט מושלם רינתי! מתה על הסבון ניקוי שלהם 😉


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