Girl Abroad

I’m so exciting to tell you that the Ashely X Ofra’s gorgeous lipstick it here!!

Who doesn’t Know Ashely Bakshi Waxman(even i didn’t thought it) is a makeup artist and a famous Israeli youtuber, Ashely and Ofra came out with the lipstick- Girl Abroad
that is one of the Ofra’s liquid lipstick series, in nude color.

I really fell in love with him ,it is a long lasting lipstick, that staying for all  day and have a very nice ,smell when you put him
the color is suitble for everyone, and it amazing to see how the color looks diffrent on each other.

 The lipstick has just came out and its already sold, but if you want to buy one for youself you need to write your email, and when it comes back on stock you will know it:—Long-Lasting-Liquid-Lipstick—Girl-Abroad/?greferral=bmeogenioairzmcu

To more makeup,skin , you can buy it on Guilty:






See you in the next post! 🙂

Instagram: @rinatcha_


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