My Jewelry Collection

I’m so happy and proud to tell you that i designed my own jewlery collection.
In every design was a big thinking and investment, And i want to share with you my designs and show you the collection i working on.

To my store: 

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SeboCalm Young

 SeboCalm Young serie designed for teenage girls, who her skin is prone to pimples and oiliness. All the products are hypoallergenic and for sensitive skin. I used the products for a month to form an exact opinion, So let’s start the review.

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KerastaseXNew Collection

So, today i will talk about a new line from Kerstase that called Resistance Therapiste Collection. This new collection is geared towards very-damaged hair, it nourishes the hair from the inside and  protects the hair against external damage. Let’s talk a little about my experiences about this collection .
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